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This program is appropriate for professionals in a wide range of positions and disciplines including: teachers, administrators, and supervisors of programs for children and youth, special education personnel, speech-language pathologists, social workers, audiologists, curriculum specialists, guidance counselors, computer educators and trainers, consultants and resource personnel, health specialists, school psychologists, parent educators, family counselors, directors of federal, state, and local programs, medical specialists and librarians.  The bond that unites this population is a common interest in and concern for children and youth and their families.

Program of Study

     Option A (2 Years)   

     Option B (3 Years)  

Program Recommended Sequences:  

     Option A (2 Years)   

     Option B (3 Years)


Degree and Program Completion Requirements

Students must fulfill the following graduation requirements.

  • Attend Doctoral Student Orientation at NSU
  • Attend Summer Conference within the first year of admission into the program (required for all students entering as of fall 2004).
  • Attend and pass all core courses (24 credits)
  • Attend and pass all Specialization courses (18 credits)
  • Attend and pass all research courses (12 credits)
  • Successfully complete:
    • The applied dissertation seminar 1: concept paper (2 credits)
    • The applied dissertation seminar 2: proposal (5 credits)
    • The applied dissertation seminar 3: report (5 credits)
  • Be current in all tuition, fees, and miscellaneous charges (including books).

Total requirements: 66 credit hours (all requirements must be completed within five years from the date of the beginning of the term of entry).

Commencement Ceremony Requirements

Students must satisfy all NSU, FSEHS and Program requirements including degree conferral prior to June 1st of the same year in order to participate in commencement ceremony. For additional information about Commencement please go to http://www.schoolofed.nova.edu/commencement/