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2009-2010 Academic Year Fees

Tuition fee:

  • Doctoral Program $810.00 per credit.
  • Continuing Dissertation Services fee: $2,200.00 per term.

Student Services:

Students enrolled in two or more courses for a combined total of four or more credits will pay $250.00 per semester, not to exceed $750.00 per year. Students enrolled in a single course of three credit hours or less will pay $125.00 per semester, not to exceed $375.00 per year.

Registration fee: $30.00 per term.

Registration Instructions

Register online via WebSTAR , the NSU Student Registration and Information System, using your Personal Identification Number (PIN). WebSTAR Registration Instructions are available.


Register via fax by completing the Student Transaction Form (STF) and faxing it to the Student Services Office at (954) 262-2336.

Print STF Registration Instructions (PDF)

In order to complete the STF you need to have all your class information. You will find this information by accessing the term schedule.


Section A-1

  • Complete name, address, and social security number.

  • The e-mail address should be your NSU e-mail address (

Section A-2

  • Check "Other" under "Course Location," and list your cluster name for the location.

  • Unless you are returning after being withdrawn for four or more terms, check "Continuing Student."

  • Please check the appropriate answer to the three remaining questions in Section A-2.

Section B

  • Completed only by new students.

Section C

  • Term Code: 200620 Fall Term (August to December)
  • Term Code: 200630 Winter Term (January to May)
  • Term Code: 200650 Summer Term (May to August)
  • Banner Course Ref. No (CRN): (see schedule)
  • Subject: EDD or ARO
  • Course No.: 4-digit code from schedule
  • Section: Enter section according to schedule information.
  • Course Title: (see schedule)
  • Day(s): Leave Blank
  • Start Date/End Date: Term dates (see schedule)
  • Credit Hours: Please see your program outline to find this information.
  • Drop/Add Section: Check the "add" box (or "drop" if dropping a course).
  • Sign and date the statement below the listing of courses and indicate the total number of credits for which you are registering on this form.

Section D

  • Indicate your method of payment. Checks must be made payable to Nova Southeastern University.

  • Please include your social security number on the memo of the check.

Section E

  • If you are paying by credit card, fill in this section and sign it.

Section F/G

  • Do not write anything in these sections.

If you need assistance with filling out this form, please contact FSEHS at 1-800-986-3223, ext. 8500.


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